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koki_yashiro's Journal

They Have Wings And Fusion Attacks Of Love
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to koki_yashiro, a community worshipful of Uzuki and Kariya, from the awesome game The World Ends With You.


Title of posts should read like this:

[media] This Is The Title Of My Post [2/5] [25 icons] [2.5 pieces of art]

Note that if your post is not Fic, Art, or Icons (for instance, if it is a vid or an FST) a numerical indicator is optional if you only have one of whatever you're giving. However, if you have multiple miscellaneous contributions, type [3 videos] or [4 wallpapers] or whatever.

You can also post non-media: discussions, pimping, affiliation offers [I really hope this accompanies pimping], links to deviantArt clubs, etc. Introduction posts, such as "Hi I'm new to this community so yeah" are discouraged. However, feel free to include stuff like "Hi, I'm new to this community, but I love this pairing!" if you have actual content to back it up. Anything goes when it comes to non-media.

Fic Posting Guidelines

[Italicized parts are optional.] Your post should look something like this:

Blah blah blah introductory text

Title: Game On!
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Well, it's set after Week 1, Day 3 and has stuff foreshadowing Week 3, Day 5. I'm not sure about what else, so I should probably check the SPOILER POLICY in the profile page.
Warnings: Cursing, slight sexual innuendo, a mention of Beat and Shiki going to Las Vegas.
Length: 1080 words
Characters/Pairings: Kariya and Uzuki, duh. I should probably have left this field out unless somebody else showed up...

Summary: Uzuki and Kariya play a game.
Notes: This is my first fic! Please be nice!

( witty tagline for the LJ- or fake-cut )

Blah blah blah conclusiony text that might bring up a discussion, request for a lost fic, or something else non-media.

Now, you might ask, what standards does a fic have to follow to be posted here? Really, very few. It should fit into one or more of the following categories:

1. Stories centered around Uzuki and Kariya's relationship. [Platonic, romantic, or sexual doesn't matter.]
2. Stories centered around just Uzuki, or just Kariya. [As long as they aren't paired with someone else, these stories are encouraged.]
3. Stories in which Uzuki and Kariya are not the main characters, but are significantly featured. How much so? Well, for example, if TWEWY was one long epic fanfic, it wouldn't be postable here. But if Week 3 was, you probably could get away with it.

Icon Posting Guidelines

Your post should look like this, if it's mutlifandom:

Blah blah blah introductory text

[011] How I Met Your Mother
[090] The World Ends With You
[003] Uzuki/Kariya
[005] Kariya
[006] Uzuki [look below for more details on this]

[023] Harry Potter
[024] Final Fantasy XII

Blah blah blah conclusiony text

And like this if it's TWEWY only:

Blah blah blah introductory text
76 - 14
[090] The World Ends With You
[013] Uzuki/Kariya [This is an icon with both, or which features text that makes it shippy/refers to their relationship.]
[005] Kariya [This is an icon that only has Kariya in it, and no shippy captions.]
[006] Uzuki
[024] Joshua
[012] Neku
[016] Shiki
[007] Neku/Shiki
[005] Joshua/Neku
[002] Kitanji/Konishi

Blah blah blah conclusiony text

How Koki/Yashiro does it have to be to be posted here? For multifandom posts, 4% of the icons have to contain Kariya and/or Uzuki. (That's four icons in a 100 icon post, and one in 25. Not too difficult.) For TWEWY icon posts, as long as they show up at all, it's okay.

Art Posting Guidelines

Blah blah blah introductory text

Title: Not Ramen
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None. Set during Week 2.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Uzuki has finally won one of their games, and the prize isn't ramen.
Notes: God, their wings are murder to draw.


Blah blah blah conclusiony text.

Other Posting Guidelines

Actually, that's about it! There's little protocol for anything else.


Our spoiler policy... is really the only rule we have, besides vague allegations of "don't plagiarize, don't be like Joshua a jerk, don't bash other pairings" and the other typicals. Include the following in your spoiler tag:

- What week and day the thing is set. [Week as a NUMBER, not a name.]
- What week and day to which you're spoiled by reading this fic. [For instance, even if the fic is set back when Koki first became a Reaper, you would still say Week 3, Day 7 if there were allusions to the identity of the Composer.]
- If there are significant spoilers for the Secret Reports.

Anybody who spoils something without warning gets modthwacked six ways from Sunday. Anyone who says a word about the identity of the Composer gets modthwacked seven ways from Sunday.


Well, yes, there is tagging. Don’t panic. Basically, there are three stages of tagging:

1. What type of post are you making? Posts fall into three categories: Media, non-media, and mod post. If it’s the first, skip this step; if not, give it the non-media or mod post tag.
2. Get more specific. Most posts have a type of thing in them, such as being “fic”, “art”, “discussion”, “recs”, and so on. Tag accordingly. Skip this step if mod post.
3. Extra tags. These include tags like “alternate” [AU in any way, shape, or form], “naughty” [anything you don’t want your mother to see], and possible others in future.

The tagslist is subject to change.


To become an affiliate, pimp your community or PM a mod. We take all comers from TWEWY fandom.

To become a mod, just ask. At this point we're desperate.

To give us a layout, PM the mods and wait for ten minutes while we cry and weep at your feet and offer to have your babies.